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Divorcing Well  is a podcast focused on sharing legal and other helpful information for those who are going through separation and divorce.

The podcast provides helpful information and support for those who are going through divorce. It includes interviews with experts in law, finance, mediation, real estate, parenting and other areas. It also includes guests who have been through a divorce who wish to share their story to help others.

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By Leanne Townsend

In this week’s episode I chat with Divorce Coach, Jennifer Donison, about the value of having a divorce coach on your team.

Jennifer discusses the many benefits that using a divorce coach offers and why using one can save you money and help you more effectively coparent your children after divorce.

To contact Jennifer visit:

September 16, 2020  |  25:16

By Leanne Townsend

In honour of World National Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th,  in this week’s episode I had the privilege of interviewing Karen Carrington about the important topic of suicide amongst divorced men, and particularly some of the issues faced by men in the black community who are going through divorce.  

It is such a privilege to have Karen chat with me on this episode about this important topic and she has some excellent advice for men who are going through divorce.

Men often face their own unique challenges and there aren’t the same resources available to them that divorcing women are able to access.

Award winning Talk Show Host, Karen Carrington, is an Author, Mental Health Advocate, Certified Personal Development Trainer, recipient of the Top 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada Award and the 2019 Susan B. Anthony iLead Woman in Leadership Award.

As a charismatic media personality, her talk show, The Karen Carrington Show, features guests of all walks of life including her men's series successfully reaching over half a million views worldwide.

She is a social media influencer, an active member of Women in Film & Television, has been featured on CTV National News and Ever Talk T.V in Hollywood. Karen Carrington's life mission is to leave the planet a better place than she found it making sure everyone felt loved. 

Connect with Karen:
Website: https://www.karencarrington.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/thekarencarringtonshow

September 9, 2020  |  40:14

By Leanne Townsend

In today’s episode I chat with speaker, coach and teacher, Kelly Thorne, who shares her own story of recovery and co-parenting through addiction.

We discuss the importance of communication, boundaries and the acceptance that you can only meet your coparent where they are at and not where you wish they were.

To contact Kelly visit:

September 2, 2020  |  48:39

By Leanne Townsend

In today’s episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with the Founder of The Divorce Rehab, Divorce Coach, Wendy Sterling about one of the most important topics facing divorcing couples: boundaries.  

We discuss why you MUST have them, how to enforce them with your ex, family and children, and why they are so important for your own well being.

August 26, 2020  |  36:46

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with Certified Financial Planning Professional and Financial Educator, Martha Adams about the importance of understanding emotions surrounding money and how to rebuild your financial story after divorce.  

Martha provides important advice, particularly for women, who often find themselves struggling financially after the end of their marriage.  

As Martha says, “A person’s emotional connection with money and finances is the starting point and one that has been overlooked or even worse, dismissed”.  

Martha provides great information for listeners to learn how to become financially empowered.

To contact Martha:

Email:  martha@marthaadamsmedia.com
Web:  https://www.marthaadamsmedia.com/

August 12, 2020  |  34:45

By Leanne Townsend

Join returning guest, Certified Divorce Coach, Heather Tannenbaum, and myself as we discuss the very important and often challenging task of making non-emotional decisions during your divorce.  

All to often clients find themselves being driven by hurt, anger and other emotions when they are going through their divorce and their emotions can often interfere with making important decisions that are in their long-term best interest.

Heather and I discuss strategies for staying calm, logical and emotion-free when making these important decisions.

To contact Heather:

Email: heather@reconstructinghappy.com
Website: www.ReconstructingHappy.com

August 05, 2020  |  26:26

By Leanne Townsend

In today’s episode, I chat with Catherine Wallis who courageously shares her own divorce story about leaving an abusive relationship, and her journey from loss of self esteem to empowerment.

Catherine’s story is so relatable for so many people that I meet who are struggling through their divorce.  

Catherine’s story provides inspiration and hope that things truly do get better and that the best is yet to come.

July 29, 2020  |  45:34

By Leanne Townsend

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, I interview Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Eva Sachs, about the rise of the grey divorce.  

Increasing numbers of couples are splitting up in their 50s, 60s and beyond, and divorce at this time can have serious financial implications as couples head into retirement and old age.

Eva discusses some of the issues that arise and how to best deal with clients divorcing at this stage of life.  If you or your spouse are considering divorce and retirement, you won’t want to miss this episode.


July 22, 2020  |  43:18

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode, I chat with real estate agent, Jonathan Davis, about how to find the best professional to sell your matrimonial home.

 During times of separation and divorce, stress levels are high and it is important to work with the right professionals.  

Jon discusses the questions you should be asking a prospective agent and how to find the best agent that fits with you.

 To contact Jon, you can email him at: info@jonathandavishomes.com

July 16, 2020  |  38:38

By Leanne Townsend

Coparenting has its challenges but coparenting with an Ex who is also a narcissist is especially difficult.  

In this week’s episode, I interview Accredited Family Mediator and Divorce Coach, Neelam Dhall of Simple Solutions Mediation and we discuss strategies for coparenting with a narcissist.  

Neelam provides tips and advice to ensure that you protect your children’s best interest, maintain your boundaries, and ensure that your own mental health and well being is not compromised in the process. 

To contact Neelam, please visit her website:  www.simplesolutionsmediation.ca

July 8, 2020  |  31:52

By Leanne Townsend

In today’s episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with Vanessa Vakharia of the Math Guru about tips for divorced parents to ensure that their children thrive with respect to their homework and online learning as they go back and forth between their parents homes.  

Often coparents are not on the same page about homework, discipline and rules surrounding studying and learning.  

Vanessa provides fantastic tips to ensure that children thrive and that parents work together no matter how much conflict they may have in their relationship.

More about Vanessa:

Vanessa is the founder and director of The Math Guru, a super cool boutique math & science tutoring studio in Toronto.

She is also the author of Math Hacks, a new book that totally makes math fun, stress-free and relatable for young kids and parents, and the host of Math Therapy, a podcast that works through guests’ math trauma.

She has her Bachelor of Commerce, Teaching Degree, and Masters of Math Education. She appears regularly at conferences globally, and on national television and news outlets as an expert in math education.  

Her #goals are to be Lady-Gaga-famous and to totally change math culture so that STEM is finally as cool and accessible as basically every single Taylor Swift song ever.

She failed Grade 11 math twice, which was the best thing that ever happened to her. Sidenote but totally relevant:

Vanessa is a founding member of Toronto indie-rock band Goodnight, Sunrise. Mindy Kaling is her idol and Vanessa believes that she should be yours too!

July 1, 2020  |  45:07

By Leanne Townsend

In today’s episode of Divorcing Well I interview Michael Shuster, also know as the Divorce Guy.  

Michael is Ontario’s first Real Estate Divorce Specialist, Ontario’s first Certified Divorce Specialist, a Certified Negotiator, author and keynote speaker. 

Michael and I discuss what is often the most valuable asset in a divorce, the matrimonial home.

With his extensive background in real estate, Michael provides listeners with many tips and strategies for approaching the sale of the matrimonial home when going through separation and divorce.

 Michael’s contact information is below:
Instagram: @the_divorce_guy
Web:  www.thedivorceguy.ca

June 24, 2020  |  52:46

By Leanne Townsend

In today’s episode of Divorcing Well I interview Jeanne Foot about the topic of divorce and substance abuse.  

Divorce is stressful and often people are inclined to self medicate with alcohol or drugs which can lead to significant problems affecting health, jobs and custody of children.  

Jeanne is an internationally certified addiction counsellor and holistic health practitioner with a wealth of experience helping patients with substance abuse issues using a holistic perspective.  

Jeanne discusses how to know if a problem is developing, what to do if you are concerned you may have a problem, and healthy alternatives to self medicating.

 You can contact Jeanne at:

 Web: www.therecoveryconcierge.com
Email:  jeanne@therecoveryconcierge.com

June 17, 2020  |  38:44

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode of Divorcing Well, I interview Charlotte Paul, a financial advisor and the leader of Perspective Wealth Management of Raymond James.  

We discuss the important topic of divorce and finances.  Divorce cuts at the heart of many people’s financial security with often long-term repercussions.

Understanding money and being comfortable with it is extremely import.  

Charlotte provides great information and tips about the importance of understanding your family finances and planning for your financial future both during marriage and after divorce.

 Charlotte’s contact information:

Web:  www.perspectivewealth.ca
Email:  Charlotte.paul@raymondjames.ca

June 10, 2020  |  40:58

By Leanne Townsend

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well I chat with Dr. Ohood Alharbi, a nutrigenomics expert and owner of Personalize My Diet, an online nutrition clinic focused on nutrition consultations tailored to each clients’ DNA.

Divorce is a very stressful time in our lives and so it is important to take care of ourselves by eating properly and being mindful of our nutrition.  

Dr. Ohood discusses how stress affects our body and provides great advice on how to make sure you are getting the nutrition that you need during this challenging time.

Below is Dr. Ohood’s contact information:

Web:  www.gene.diet
Email: ohood@gene.diet

June 3, 2020  |  37:43

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode I interview mindset coach, Jennie Capati, about the important topic of rebuilding confidence after divorce.

Most people take a hit to their self confidence after their marriage ends and find it challenging to feel confident and empowered in their new life as a single.

Jennie discusses tips for rebuilding confidence along with the importance of self love and self care in the divorce recovery journey.  

Jennie also gives advice on how to find your post divorce identity and feel beautiful and sexy again. 

You can find Jennie here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcempoweredcoach/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHe_WbxS-1_tW2efM7ScGwQ  

May 27, 2020  |  38:19

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode, I interview certified life coach, Anita Volikis, who specializes in separation and divorce recovery.  

Prior to becoming a coach, Anita practiced family law for over 20 years .  

We discuss the role of a divorce coach, how it differs from a lawyer or therapist and why clients can benefit from the use of a coach. 

May 13, 2020  |  37:40

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode, I interview Certified Divorce Coach, Heather Tannenbaum, about healing after divorce.  We discuss the healing process, how long it takes, tips for getting through it and how to come out the other side and thrive.  

Heather discusses tools for healing, how she helps clients get through the process, how to parent when you are suffering yourself, and she provides inspiration for listeners that it is possible to reinvent your self after divorce and step into your full potential.

Heather Tannenbaum is the author of RECONSTRUCTING HAPPY; How to Use Your Divorce As An Opportunity To Create A Better You. Heather’s blogs and articles about co-parenting and not only surviving, but thriving after divorce have been featured in several paper and online magazine publications including Huffington Post. She has also generated content for several divorce and co-parenting websites.

Heather is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and runs her own practise where she helps her clients navigate through their divorce by helping them to make sound decisions for their future

May 6, 2020  |  42:10

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode, I interview Bruce Van Stone, a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) with a Masters of Education in Psychological Counselling.  

We discuss tips and advice for managing the stress of being in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic while going through a divorce.  Bruce provides some great strategies for keeping yourself from getting overwhelmed and being well positioned to make important decisions in your divorce without letting your stress level interfere with your judgment.

You can find Bruce:

Bruce Van Stone MEd CCC

Integrated Services Delivery-Counsellor

Fredericton Southside Cluster


April 29, 2020  |  48:13

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode I interview life coach, Jennifer Butler, about the importance of reconnecting with yourself after divorce.  So many people, especially women, lose their identity in their marriages and when divorce happens they have no idea who they are outside of being a wife or mother.  

Jennifer discusses strategies and tips that people can use to reconnect with who they really are so that they can move forward and lead a happy, empowered life post divorce.

Jennifer can be found co-hosting “Deep Chats 

Podcast”<https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/deep-chats-podcast/id1493690055> and her writing can be found on JennJoyCoaching<https://jennjoycoaching.com/>, Worthy<https://www.worthy.com/>, ESME<https://esme.com/>, LiveThroughTheHeart<https://www.livethroughtheheart.com/>, Divorced Girl Smiling<https://www.divorcedgirlsmiling.com/> and Instagram<https://www.instagram.com/jennjoycoaching>.

If you are ready to transform the patterns and begin living your own best life, email Jennifer at jenn@jennjoycoaching.com>, to set up your free 30-minute session. Download your FREE Roadmap to Love E-Journal<https://www.jennjoycoaching.com/schedule>!!

April 22, 2020  |  38:32

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode I interview psychologist, Dr. Renee Mudrey about how parents can help children cope with divorce.  We discuss the dos and don’ts of coparenting through divorce, the harmful effects of parental alienation, how to talk to your child about divorce and how divorce impacts different age groups.

If you are going through divorce and have children, this episode will provide you with important information on helping your children through this challenging time.

April 20, 2020  |  42:41

By Leanne Townsend

In this episode I interview top performing real estate agent, Samantha Graff Benmor of the Graff Girls and we discuss real estate and divorce.

 Most couples who divorce end up having to sell their most valuable asset, the matrimonial home.  Samantha discusses how to keep emotion our of decision making, how to find the right real estate agent, tips for high conflict couples to work together to sell their home and much more. 

You can connect with Samantha:

Instagram: @sammygsgifts and @the_graff_girls
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samantha.graff.39 and  https://www.facebook.com/thegrafffgirls/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samanthagraff/

April 15, 2020  |  34:20

By Leanne Townsend

In today’s episode of Divorcing Well, I am joined by dating strategist and relationship expert, Nisrien Pichler, to discuss the topic of dating after divorce.  

We discuss when to date, the challenges of dating after the end of a marriage, whether to introduce your children to someone you are dating, and much more.

 Dating is hard enough these days, but Nisrien provides some excellent advice to help the newly separated and divorced navigate their way back into the dating world.

April 13, 2020  |  38:30

By Leanne Townsend

Divorce is an extremely stressful time in someone’s life, and can definitely result in major burnout.  

In today’s episode of Divorcing Well, I interviewed burnout expert and thought leader, Michael Levitt, the founder and CEO of Breakfast Leadership Inc.  Michael and I discuss the symptoms of burnout, the importance of being mindful of its signs and how you can best protect yourself against it when you are going through the challenges of divorce.  Michael provides some fantastic insight on the difference between burnout and depression, and he shares his own story of how burnout brought him to his knees.

Michael Levitt is the CEO and founder of Breakfast Leadership, Inc (BreakfastLeadership.com), who works with leaders to reduce stress and prevent burnout, so that they can focus on what REALLY matters Most. Michael is the host of the Breakfast Leadership Podcast, ranked in the top 200 Business and Marketing Podcasts on iTunes, and author of 369 Days: How To Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenarios.

 Michael is also recognized as a top 20 Global Thought Leader on Culture, by Thinkers360, and is the co-founder of Pre-Emptive Strike Consulting (PreEmptiveStrikeConsulting.com), and co-author of Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership, which debuted # 1 in Canada on Amazon.ca under Financial Risk Management category.

Michael also has spent over 3 decades serving Fortune 500 companies, small business organizations and leading large medical organizations. Michael's career has spanned from public accounting, IT management, to leading multiple healthcare organizations. Michael has worked with multiple Government agencies, and is certified in Lean Healthcare, and Advanced Health Care System Planning.

Social media links:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bfastleadership/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bfastleadership

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bfastleadership/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bfastleadership/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS08gscC9Ciz4-7nFY9zj5g

April 8, 2020  |  42:09

By Leanne Townsend

In today’s episode of Divorcing Well, I interview Jason Eric Ross, a Licensed Psychotherapist (NY/FL/GA) and co-author of the parenting book entitled “You Can Say NO and Your Child Will Still Love You”.

We discuss the most important divorce topic which is parenting through divorce and how to make the divorce process easier for your children.

Jason addresses how to tell children of various ages that Mom and Dad are separating, how to deal with a spouse who badmouths you to your children, managing parental alienation, co-parenting with an abuser and much more.

This episode provides a wealth of information to guide parents on helping their children cope with divorce.

April 1, 2020  |  44:33

By Leanne Townsend

Separation is challenging but when it involves separating from a narcissist the challenges are much greater.

Join me and my guest, Julie McLachlan, as we discuss tips for leaving a narcissist and maintaining your mental and emotional health. Julie is a survivor of a relationship with a narcissist and shares her personal journey about the challenges of leaving, the healing she has done, and how those of you who feel trapped in the same situation can get out of it with grace and empowerment.

You can find Julie here:
Lifestyle Blog & Boutique
IG: @julesandherlifestyle

Gift Baskets
IG @julesbaskets – gift baskets

Rise with grace
@risewithgrace – abuse awareness account

March 30, 2020  |  38:23

By Leanne Townsend

Covid-19 is having a significant effect on our daily lives and how family law is being practiced right now.  In the debut episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with fellow family law lawyer, Chantalle Sawision, about the effects of Covid-19 on family law clients.  

We discuss the court closures, how custody and access orders are being affected, the financial implications, and much more.  We even point out the silver lining of Covid-19 for the way that family law is practiced.  

If you are separated or divorced, and have questions about the effects of recent events on your family law matter, you won’t want to miss this episode. 

March 24, 2020  |  41:02

By Leanne Townsend

Divorce sucks, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. I am Leanne Townsend, a family law lawyer, and I want to help you divorce well.

Divorcing Well aims to help provide listeners with the tools and knowledge they need to support themselves legally, financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I want listeners to tune into Divorcing Well because they are looking for the knowledge and inspiration to get them through the rough days, and on the positive days, they will gain the tools that they need to heal and move through the various stages of grief that divorce can bring.

February 6, 2020  |  2:19

"Leanne has both the professional qualifications and real life experience to help women who are transitioning through the challenges of separation and divorce."

Divorce Angels

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