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Divorcing Well  is a podcast focused on sharing legal and other helpful information for those who are going through separation and divorce.

The podcast provides helpful information and support for those who are going through divorce. It includes interviews with experts in law, finance, mediation, real estate, parenting and other areas. It also includes guests who have been through a divorce who wish to share their story to help others.

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By Leanne Townsend

In today’s episode of Divorcing Well, I interview Jason Eric Ross, a Licensed Psychotherapist (NY/FL/GA) and co-author of the parenting book entitled “You Can Say NO and Your Child Will Still Love You”.

We discuss the most important divorce topic which is parenting through divorce and how to make the divorce process easier for your children.

Jason addresses how to tell children of various ages that Mom and Dad are separating, how to deal with a spouse who badmouths you to your children, managing parental alienation, co-parenting with an abuser and much more.

This episode provides a wealth of information to guide parents on helping their children cope with divorce.

April 1, 2020  |  44:33

By Leanne Townsend

Separation is challenging but when it involves separating from a narcissist the challenges are much greater.

Join me and my guest, Julie McLachlan, as we discuss tips for leaving a narcissist and maintaining your mental and emotional health. Julie is a survivor of a relationship with a narcissist and shares her personal journey about the challenges of leaving, the healing she has done, and how those of you who feel trapped in the same situation can get out of it with grace and empowerment.

You can find Julie here:
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IG: @julesandherlifestyle

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March 30, 2020  |  38:23

By Leanne Townsend

Covid-19 is having a significant effect on our daily lives and how family law is being practiced right now.  In the debut episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with fellow family law lawyer, Chantalle Sawision, about the effects of Covid-19 on family law clients.  

We discuss the court closures, how custody and access orders are being affected, the financial implications, and much more.  We even point out the silver lining of Covid-19 for the way that family law is practiced.  

If you are separated or divorced, and have questions about the effects of recent events on your family law matter, you won’t want to miss this episode. 

March 24, 2020  |  41:02

By Leanne Townsend

Divorce sucks, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. I am Leanne Townsend, a family law lawyer, and I want to help you divorce well.

Divorcing Well aims to help provide listeners with the tools and knowledge they need to support themselves legally, financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I want listeners to tune into Divorcing Well because they are looking for the knowledge and inspiration to get them through the rough days, and on the positive days, they will gain the tools that they need to heal and move through the various stages of grief that divorce can bring.

February 6, 2020  |  2:19

"Leanne has both the professional qualifications and real life experience to help women who are transitioning through the challenges of separation and divorce."

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