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Can You Be Single So Long That You Become Undateable?

A friend of mine gave me a piece of dating advice a few years ago.  She said, "You need to meet a man when he is newly separated because once he has been single for too long, he will enjoy single life and not want to commit." At the time I thought that this was interesting advice, and I wasn't sure whether it was true or not.  Now, as I enter yet another year of single life, I am beginning to wonder if this statement is not just true of men, but of women also.  Is it possible that if we are single for too long we start to enjoy the independence, lack of drama and accompanying freedom so much, that with each passing year we become more reluctant to give it up, and thereby become almost undateable?

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7 Tools For Successful Midlife Weight Management

Over the past 10 years, I have seen my weight fluctuate up and down.  As an emotional eater, in times of stress I get heavier, and in times of happiness and contentment, I am lighter.  I guess I wear my feelings on my hips, butt and tummy.  After years of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, starving myself, and trying every new diet fad out there, I have learned a thing or two about successful weight loss, and weight management.  I am going to share 7 tools that I have found to be essential to maintaining a healthy weight.

1.  Eating Frequently

Yes eating often seems to fly in the face of weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight but it really is key.  Of course, you have to eat healthy foods, but if you eat frequently (5-6 times per day), you won’t get hungry and then overeat when you do have a meal.  I can’t count the number of times I skipped a meal only to overindulge in another meal later in the day or late at night before bedtime because I was starving.  Once I started eating frequently, I stopped this unhealthy behaviour.

2. Bulk Up Your Meals

I started to add an extra cup of non-starchy vegetables to my meals.  Leafy greens, broccoli, peppers, and mushrooms are examples of the extra veggies I add to my plate.  This fills me up with healthy foods and not empty calories, and makes me less likely to grab an unhealthy, high calorie snack between meals.

3.  Schedule a Weekly Meal Prep

I block 2-3 hours per week on Sundays to do my meal prep for the next week.  This is marked in my calendar as a weekly, non-negotiable item.  If I don’t block time in my schedule I know it won’t happen.  I prepare a variety of vegetables and meats and combine them in different ways.  I cook a whole chicken and use the meat for salads, stirfrys and wraps.  I mix vegetables with different combinations to give myself some variety.  I make egg muffins so that I have an easy grab and go breakfast for the week.  If healthy, easy meals are on hand it is easier to eat nutritiously.

4.  Load Up On Water

We all know we should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day but sometimes this is hard.  Take a water bottle with you everywhere as this will help increase your H2O intake.  If you don’t like water, you can ease into it the same way that I did. I started first by drinking carbonated water and flavoured water because I like the bubbles.  From there I switched to plain water but I would add slices of lemons, cucumbers or strawberries.  Next, I switched to plain water with nothing added.  The switch was gradual but it worked, and now I am much better at staying properly hydrated.

5.  Find Creative Ways To Exercise

If you can’t get to the gym every day, there are other ways to increase activity level.  Walk where you can, take the stairs where you can and find creative ways to add exercise.  When I am doing chores such as laundry, unloading the dishwasher or cooking I incorporate squats into what I am doing.  After folding a piece of laundry I do a squat, after taking a dish from the dishwasher I do a squat.  There are easy ways to add activity to every day life.

6.  Portion Control

Bring out the measuring spoons and cups and actually measure the portions of food you are serving yourself.  This helps ensure that you aren’t over-eating and that you are mindful of your serving size.

7. Change Your Attitude

Instead of telling yourself, that you are over 40 or 50 and it is impossible to stay slim or it doesn’t matter at your age, tell yourself that you are a sexy, man or woman in the prime of your life.  Remember that maintaining a healthy weight is completely doable and that you owe it to yourself to make it a priority so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Try incorporating as many of these tools as you can into your life on a consistent basis, and you will find that losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are realistic outcomes at midlife and beyond.  If you would like some help with finding ways to incorporate these and other healthy living tools into your life, I’d love to chat.  I have a great coaching program that will help you achieve your goals.

Stop Playing Small – The 3 Ingredients to Being Your Best

If someone told you that in order to reach your full potential and lead a life of true happiness, you had to do 3 things, would you be willing to do them, no matter what it takes?

It seems like the answer to this question should be a resounding YES, but in reality, most people are not willing to do what is necessary in order to live an extraordinary life. There are 3 ingredients to being your best, and while they may seem simple, the reality is that consistently practicing these 3 actions is too challenging for most people.

The 3 ingredients to being your best are what I call my MNF principle. You must:

  1. Move your body;
  2. Nourish your body; and
  3. Flourish by discovering your why and developing yourself to get there.

If you consistently do these 3 things, I promise you that you will become the best version of yourself, feel happy and be fulfilled.

First, we must MOVE our body. Exercise provides both physical and mental benefits that are essential to a happy life. It is good for your heart, your lungs, and every organ in you body. It ensures that you maintain your mobility, flexibility and strength. Aesthetically, it has many benefits too. Fit people tend to look better and having a nicely toned beach body is something many people aspire to have. Looking better often results in increased self-confidence. Exercise also releases endorphins that make our mood feel better. We feel happier and less stressed after a good workout. If you want to be your best, you absolutely have to exercise regularly.

Second, we must NOURISH our body. This means that we must feed our body healthy food and ensure that we are always properly hydrated. Starving ourselves to lose weight plays havoc with our metabolism as well as our moods, so eating healthy is the only way to maintain long-term successful weight management. Drinking enough water is also essential to maintaining a good energy level. If we are hungry, thirsty, too full or suffering indigestion from eating the wrong foods there is no way that we can be our best. Proper nutrition is essential for us to maximize our potential.

Third, we must FLOURISH by discovering our why and developing ourselves to get there. We must ask ourselves these questions: What is our purpose? What makes our heart sing? What do we feel passionate about? Once we have answered these questions, we need to develop a plan to incorporate these things into our life as much as possible. We need purpose in our lives, a reason to hop out of bed in the morning with excitement, joy and gratitude for the day ahead. Without purpose, we can never be our best.

These 3 ingredients are not difficult or complicated, but sometimes it is challenging to consistently practice them. This is where most people stumble. Often it is helpful to have someone assist you in developing a plan and most importantly, holding you accountable. This is why so many people benefit from coaching. A coach will help you design a realistic plan to ensure that you MOVE, NOURISH and FLOURISH. This involves holding you accountable for your actions or inaction, and helping you stop the self-sabotaging behaviours that keep you playing small. If you want to be your best and develop your plan to MOVE, NOURISH and FLOURISH, let’s chat. Remember, the best is yet to come.