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5 Tips To Help You Refresh and Renew Your Relationship This Fall

September is a month of new beginnings and renewal. This feeling of a fresh start in September stems from our childhood days of heading back to school. While we are feeling committed to making positive changes in our life, what better time could there be to take a serious look at our relationship with our partner and to re-commit to making our relationship healthier and stronger?

In an era where over half of all marriages are ending in a divorce, it is time we look at what we can do to make a relationship work, rather than end.
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5 Advantages of a Holistic Approach to Divorce

If you are considering separation or divorce, or have already started the process, you may want to consider the many advantages offered by a holistic approach to the process. Family law is not suited to the adversarial process that has evolved in our legal system.  A holistic approach recognizes that the consequences of divorce and family breakdown are often devastating, and there is lots of healing to be done.

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2 It’s Time for a Holistic Approach to Family Law

Family Lawyers need to have some of the skills of a social worker, coach or therapist in order to be able to effectively assist clients. While outside referrals to these professionals may always be necessary, I am fortunate in my practice to be able to offer some of these skills and services to clients without them having to go somewhere else to receive them. 

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