Midlife Dating: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One thing that I never set out to become is an expert dater.  In my youth I was always in long-term serious relationships, but at midlife, I found myself divorced, out in the dating world again, and can safely say I have become somewhat of a reluctant expert.  There's no point in developing any expertise, if you don't share it, so that is what I am setting out to do here.

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift You Can Give Yourself

If you are a single mother, like me, it is even more important that you do these things for yourself despite the greater challenges you have to manage as compared to married mothers.  You must find time for yourself.  Workout, date, find a career you enjoy, spend child-free time with friends.  These things are imperative to do if you want to truly thrive, be happy, and be an excellent role model for your children.

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7 Tools For Successful Midlife Weight Management

Over the past 10 years, I have seen my weight fluctuate up and down.  As an emotional eater, in times of stress I get heavier, and in times of happiness and contentment, I am lighter.  I guess I wear my feelings on my hips, butt and tummy.  After years of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, starving myself, and trying every new diet fad out there, I have learned a thing or two about successful weight loss, and weight management. 

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5 Advantages of a Holistic Approach to Divorce

If you are considering separation or divorce, or have already started the process, you may want to consider the many advantages offered by a holistic approach to the process. Family law is not suited to the adversarial process that has evolved in our legal system.  A holistic approach recognizes that the consequences of divorce and family breakdown are often devastating, and there is lots of healing to be done.

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2 It’s Time for a Holistic Approach to Family Law

Family Lawyers need to have some of the skills of a social worker, coach or therapist in order to be able to effectively assist clients. While outside referrals to these professionals may always be necessary, I am fortunate in my practice to be able to offer some of these skills and services to clients without them having to go somewhere else to receive them. 

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Stop Playing Small – The 3 Ingredients to Being Your Best

Starving ourselves to lose weight plays havoc with our metabolism as well as our moods, so eating healthy is the only way to maintain long-term successful weight management. Drinking enough water is also essential to maintaining a good energy level. If we are hungry, thirsty, too full or suffering indi????gestion from eating the wrong foods there is no way that we can be our best. Proper nutrition is essential for us to maximize our potential.

There are 3 ingredients to being your best, and while they may seem simple, the reality is that consistently practicing these 3 actions is too challenging for most people.
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Fun, Flirty, Fit and Fifty

Forget 50 is the new 40, or 50 is the new 30.  50 is better than 30 or 40. Yes, I have a few wrinkles, some cellulite and grey hair ? all of which are fixable in our modern age. More importantly though, I have wisdom, confidence and an inner peace with myself that I never had in my younger days. This is what makes being 50 priceless.

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Expectation is a Dirty Word

We try to be good people, be kind, and polite. The corollary to this though is that we often expect others to treat us the same way. And they don't! So we become hurt, disappointed, resentful or even worse we blame ourselves, and wonder what we did wrong rather than realizing it has nothing to do with us.

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