6 Things To Do Before Bringing Up The Word ?Divorce? To Your Spouse

Once this word is mentioned the dynamics of the relationship will significantly change

1. Ask yourself: Do I really want a divorce or do I just want a better marriage with my current partner?

Divorce should always be a last resort, so if it is possible to save your marriage by communicating your concerns with your spouse and working together to improve things, this should always be done.

2. Talk to a marriage counsellor.

If both parties are willing to work on things, marriage counselling can possibly save your marriage. If you have children, ask yourself: do I at least owe it to my children to try to do everything that I can to save my marriage?

3. Build a strong support network.

It is important that all parties involved have a strong support network that they can lean on during this difficult time. It is ideal if you can have a strong support network in place before making any changes.

4. Speak to a family lawyer.

Divorce can be a complicated process with far reaching implications that affect finances, property, where you live and when you see your children. Know your rights before you move out of the matrimonial home.

5. Spend as much time with your children as possible.

If you want to have custody or lots of access to your children, it is important that you have always been involved in their life. The best interests of the children will guide the legalities where they are concerned.

6. Take concrete steps to protect your assets.

Make sure that you are fully knowledgeable about the family finances and investments. Photocopy important documents such as tax returns, investment statements, property documents and other important documents so that you have a record. If you don?t have credit cards in your own name, apply for your own card so that you can begin to establish a credit rating.

Leanne Townsend - Lawyer and Divorce Coach

Divorce and separation are some of life?s most stressful events. I know, I've been there.

I've walked through it myself - contemplating divorce, going through divorce, healing from divorce, dating after divorce... 

As an attorney I've had a unique vantage point of not just the emotional, financial and psychological implications of divorce, but also the legal aspects.

I've learnt a tremendous amount along the way that helps and supports those going through the same. You can avoid a lot of pitfalls if you have foresight!

So many have asked for my insight on divorce that I've made it my mission to help, educate and support those going through it. 

I've been featured in Divorce Magazine, Divorce Angels, Village Living, Advocate Daily and speak regularly on the subject, including life after divorce. 

I am here to help you navigate your journey through divorce to life on the other side.

Your story is not over, it is only beginning. And, with foresight and the right guidance, you can navigate through the storm safely to the other side.

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