My unique coaching program, The Mindful Divorce, provides the legal, financial and holistic health based tools clients need to prepare, manage and recover from the divorce process.  It offers a complete approach to divorce that covers, not only practical information and strategies, but also tools for emotional support, stress management, and maintenance of a client’s physical, mental and emotional health through the entire divorce process. It is designed to support and empower clients from break-up, through divorce and into divorce recovery while living their best life and making decisions from a place of strength and confidence.



Coaching can be provided in the following areas:

The Mindful Divorce:

Divorce Preparation

Divorce Management

Divorce Recovery

Divorcing a Narcissist 

Women’s Empowerment Coaching

Group Coaching

Customized Programs


Family Law Services

I provide family law services including legal representation for separation, divorce, support, custody, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and many other issues. I approach these matters from a holistic perspective recognizing that divorce or family breakdown are some of the most stressful events in life, and clients need to be understood on many levels as they work through this challenging time.  For more information about my legal services, please visit my law firm’s website at .

Criminal Law Services

I provide representation for cases involving charges relating to domestic violence through all stages of the criminal proceeding including bail hearings, pre-trials, and trials.  For more information about my legal services, please visit my law firm’s website at .


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