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 Lawyer & Life Coach

Providing a unique combination of family or criminal law legal services and life coaching using a holistic approach.  Helping clients as a lawyer, supportive life coach, or both.   Please check out my legal website, Townsend Law, at www.townsendlaw.ca for more details about my services as a lawyer, and note that my coaching website, Townsend Coaching, is launching soon.

As a lawyer, I approach my clients with compassion and empathy, advocating for them on their important legal matters including divorce, separation, support, custody or criminal charges. My background provides me with strong negotiation and resolution skills, but  I also have the litigation experience to be a forceful courtroom advocate. 

As a coach, I use a holistic approach to help clients be the best version of themselves including making positive changes in their life, removing roadblocks, and empowering themselves to create the life of their dreams.


Let’s work together to identify where you need assistance and design a plan that will achieve your goals. Please contact me by clicking here

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